Four Quirky and Fun Ways to Impress the Ladies in your D&D Group

“Getting girls attention is paramount to gaining their attraction. When you are in a D&D group, you’ve already taken the right first step in meeting the lady of your dreams. There are many a greater portion of you men in the group than there are women, so you have a great level of competition, as you may have seen. Don’t just stand idly by hoping the ladies will role play their way to your heart, you must do something to stand out and get yourself noticed beyond and above the others inside the group. Here are a few great ways to impress the girls with your D&D group.

1. Celebrity Impressions


For whatever reason, girls love accents and celebrity impressions. Find some particularly hilarious actors that can be done a great impression of, like Monty Python characters or anything Steve Martin has ever done. It demonstrates your sense of humor as well as your comfort in facing others within a performance type situation. Both of these will surely impress your female observers and will definitely set you aside from the other men vying for female attention. A good impression goes quite a distance.

2. Ride a Unicycle


Riding a unicycle may be hilarious and extremely effective in impressing the ladies in your D&D group. It will take a little practice so ensure you get a unicycle at a place like The LA Shop and practice a lot before you bring it to the group. In a good way, although but when you do, the girls will giggle and fritter with the sight people; treat it non-challantly and you’ll be described as a smooth, one-wheel-bike riding machine. Now it’s not the best way to bring girls around, but maybe you can pair it with a bicycle built for two, so you’ll be generally known as that cool dude with lots of fun bikes.

3. Build Your Own Group of Magic Cards


Girls love a guy when they get a great feeling of creativity from him. Just one way of demonstrating this both in drawing and conceptual creativity is usually to make your own set of Magic cards. You should have a great time developing the creatures and the powers said creatures employ, while building toward something that will impress the women more than you can possibly imagine. This only works for girls in your D&D group, so don’t try bring the set of Magic cards to school, that may work opposite wonders. But you’ll have some fun and maybe even can ask one of the girls, or a number of the girls, in the future over and play in your set. Who knows what may ensue!

4. Shoot a Bow and Arrow


Sports will not be necessarily how into the heart of the D&D enthusiast. The truth is, probably simply the opposite. But a well aimed arrow can pierce her nerdy heart and afflict her with all the disease of undying love. Train yourself to ultimately shoot an arrow with a bow then and win the ladies over with this capacity to demonstrate your skill for them. It’s not only fun but it’s impressive. You can even often provide them a lesson or two, which can put you physically closer to them and feel if you have chemistry.”

How to Turn a Girl On: 3 Proven Tips To Captivate Any Woman

Want to know how to turn a girl on? This article will show you 3 simple tips to captivate any woman easily.

Girls all over the world have been known to reduce grown men to puddle with the mere batting of their eyelashes, the slight glimpse of their wrists, and even with just the simple flip of their hair. It’s quite uncanny and guys just can’t help but be mesmerized by their beauty. Still, that doesn’t entirely render the male populace helpless. Guys also have ways on how to turn a girl on.

While everybody has different ways of making things work, there are a few proven techniques that you can use to attract the woman of your dreams, including the following:

1) Find the bad ass in you.

A lot of girls have a weakness for bad boys. Lucky for you, being a bad boy doesn’t mean you get involve in all sorts of suspicious activities or actually have a criminal record. Not at all.

It’s all about channeling the “I’m-tough-and-I-don’t-care-what-other-people-think-of-me” energy. Back in the day, guys would don a leather jacket and hop on a Harley to impress the ladies. These days, and especially with global warming, a leather jacket might be a little too much. Try something less obvious and that actually goes with the kind of body you have.

If you’re tall and lanky but have defined muscles, you might look good wearing the right jeans and a simple white tank. If you don’t have anything to show off, perhaps a good-fitting t-shirt would be best.

“Bad boys” thrive for adventure and fun. But there’s a thin line between adventure and trouble, so make sure you’re aware of the limits.

2) Make room for muscles.

One surefire way on how to turn a girl on is by making your body look good. First, examine your body and determine what kind of muscles you should go for. If you’re not very tall, don’t put on more muscles than you can handle.

Just keep your body toned, defined and carry lean abs with you. The taller guys get away with making their body bulkier. But that’s not such a good idea either because girls don’t always want guys with “Arnold Schwarzenegger type” bodies.

To be on the general side, keep your stomach flat and work on getting some sexy abs. Doing cardio and sit-up exercises will often do the trick. Make sure your arms are also getting enough exercise. Lifting weights in the gym will ensure you develop impressive biceps and triceps. (Note: Consult with a medical professional before engaging in any exercise routine.)

3) Announce your attraction.

One of the reliable ways on how to turn a girl on is by letting her know that you find her attractive. But be subtle about it. Girls feel sexier, more daring, and incredibly turned on when they think someone is attracted to them.

Going up to her and literally announcing your attraction can be weird, so perhaps it’s better to let your smile or your eyes do the talking. A semi-cocky smile or mischievous eyes ought to give her a hint.

How does this work for guys then, you ask? Well, men who aren’t afraid to show their feelings appear to be mature and confident. Plus, there’s the lingering implication that you’re going to do something about that attraction, too.

These are some of the tried, tested and effective techniques on how to turn a girl on. Use them wisely and with dignity.

How To Plan A Romantic Evening

A romantic night can be a refreshing change of pace from the average date night for many couples. Instead of a dinner and a movie on Friday nights, it can be relaxing and rejuvenating for couples to add some spice to their nights by planning a romantic endeavor. Many people are lost when it comes to romance, not knowing how to come off as seductive and charming rather than creepy or cheesy. Though it can be difficult to find out what will impress your partner, there are a few common elements to a romantic night that most people will agree are fool-proof.

-A nice dinner.
Many people believe that to have a romantic date, they have to go out to an expensive restaurant. Though this can be fun and romantic, there are alternatives for those trying to save money. Instead of going out, invite your date over for a romantic home-cooked meal. This should consist of an appetizer, a main course, drinks, and a small but rich dessert. Make sure the food is something you both enjoy, and stay away from frozen foods or food that is messy. Pasta, fish, white meats, salads, and soups are all good choices. Avoid foods like French fries, hamburgers, or sloppy joes, as these are not romantic. For drinks, wine is always a good choice, but you can substitute it with flavored teas or lemonades for those who don’t drink alcohol. Deserts can be simple, such as a rich ice cream or a slice of cheese cake.
The setting is also important if you are doing a home-cooked meal. To make up for the ritz of an expensive restaurant, add scented candles, a bouquet of fresh flowers, cloth napkins, and relaxing music. Do not skimp on dressing nicely either. Just because you are at home, doesn’t mean you should put on your favourite sweatpants. Dress as if you were going to a nice restaurant to keep the mood romantic.

-An after-dinner activity.
Most people neglect to realize a romantic date can consist of more than just dinner. Part of what can make a romantic date so memorable is the activities you do together, so it’s a good decision to have something planned for after dinner. Sporting events, loud, crowded concerts, and physical activities are all fun, but not very romantic. Instead, opt for something to do with the arts, or a relaxing activity you both enjoy.
One of the easiest ways to find a romantic activity is to check what events are going on in your area. Jazz bands, classical concerts, plays, musicals, museums, and art walks are all popular activities that are common on the weekends. If you are in a new relationship, opt for something that allows conversation, such as museums or art walks. If you are farther along in your relationship, it can be relaxing to comfortably watch a concert or play together and discuss it afterwards.
If neither of you is into art or music, or simply want to do something different, an alternative is a wine tasting event. Generally, these can be costly, but there are places that do them on a consistent basis and are cheaper. Many different wines will be available for you and your partner to sample, along with cheese and fruits. There are usually other couples at these events, so it can be fun to mingle and talk with other couples.

-A personal end.
Many couples make the mistake of ending the night immediately after the activity and going home and going to sleep. If you are going through the effort to have a romantic night, it’s wise to end it with a personal touch. This can be something more relaxed and personal, making it all the more romantic.
These personal ends can be very simple. A common one is taking a walk through a park or through a scenic area of town, as this allows for conversation. If you want something quirkier, you could feed ducks, watch a movie together at home, or star gaze.
If you are a couple sleeping in different places at the end of the night, finish the night with a kiss at the door and a sweet text or email about how wonderful the night was. If you are a couple sleeping together or living together, you can add some extra spice to your night with lingerie.
If you are the man in a relationship, it can be a very romantic gift to buy your date lingerie. Though many men are nervous about how the gift will be perceived, most women are flattered to receive such an intimate gift. If you are the woman, bring along some lingerie (or store it at your home) and change into it once you are getting ready for bed. Lingerie doesn’t always have to be wildly seductive or kinky; a simple chemise gown or silk robe constitutes as lingerie and can be equally as sexy as a raunchy corset or bustier. Store such as Victoria’s Secret sell lingerie at outlet malls, however if you want something more unique, you can shop online at lingerie websites such as Yandy.

Whatever you choose to include in your romantic night, it is important to make it memorable, relaxing, fun, and comfortable for your date. A romantic night can make a relationship stronger and bring two people closer together, so it is essential that you make it personal and cater it to your own relationship.

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